Wear contact lenses appear vascular hyperplasia how to do?

 For friends who wear contact lenses for a long time, the slightest mistake may cause vascular hyperplasia. So, what should we do when we wear contact lenses and have blood vessels hyperplasia?



What is angiogenesis? The human cornea is transparent and elastic to the surface of the eye. Under normal circumstances, the cornea itself does not have blood vessels, so it needs to rely on atmospheric oxygen to maintain normal function. If capillaries invade the cornea, it is a lesion, that is, we often say corneal neovascularization. New blood vessels can affect the normal function of the cornea and may also cause vision loss.

Study the cause of corneal neovascularization, on the one hand may be caused by inflammation, such as keratitis will lead to neovascularization reaction, on the other hand, the lesion of the cornea itself may also cause vascular hyperplasia. In addition, long-term wear of contact lenses with poor oxygen permeability can also lead to severe hypoxia of the cornea, resulting in new blood vessels.


Once corneal neovascularization occurs, it is necessary to actively eliminate stimulating factors and inhibit neovascularization as much as possible. When symptoms are mild, local blood circulation should be promoted by stopping wearing contact lenses, physical hot compress or massage to achieve the purpose of relieving symptoms. However, if the situation is more serious, drug or surgical treatment should be carried out according to the doctor's advice. In addition, we should pay attention to rest more every day to avoid eye fatigue.

If you have the habit of wearing contact lenses for a long time, you should develop good eye habits and wearing habits, so as to protect important eyes. author suggests that in the process of wearing contact lenses, you should regularly review the fundus, so as to be able to detect lesions in time, as early as possible intervention and treatment.