Wear contact lenses every day, will the power be higher and higher?

Contact lenses can make the field of vision clearer. Like frame glasses, they are very effective vision correction tools. We all know that myopia is not only affected by genetic factors, but also closely related to the environment. There is no evidence that contact lenses can cause deepness, so people who wear them every day don't need to worry about it.


To deepen the degree, the first reason to consider should be improper use of eyes. Although heredity and other internal factors will also have a certain impact, but long-term close eye use is bound to lead to eye fatigue. On the contrary, they insist on wearing contact lenses to obtain clear vision, avoid the muscle tension caused by frequent squinting, and actually alleviate the increase of degree.

Because contact lenses are closer to the eyeball, they can reduce the defocus phenomenon and control the development of myopia better than frame glasses. If you need to use your eyes accurately, you can use them with low matching degree during optometry, so that your eyes can be relaxed at any time, and your vision can be kept stable.


The situation of minors is quite special, because the development of the eyes has not yet been finalized, and they use more eyes when learning. If they do not pay attention to eye hygiene, it is likely to lead to rapid growth of myopia. If the eyesight suddenly drops seriously in a short period of time, the possibility of eye disease can not be ruled out. It's better to consult an eye hospital.

In order to protect the eyes and prevent the increase of degree, we should form good habit of using eyes. Usually consciously control the time of reading and computer reading, do more relaxation massage, and properly participate in outdoor sports, which can keep the degree stable.