Wear contact lenses, medicine can not be eaten randomly!

 Contact lenses have always been popular or even out of stock, indicating that a considerable number of people wear contact lenses as a daily routine. But do you know, studies have shown that a lot of drugs need to be used carefully when wearing contact lenses!

1. Most of the anti-anti-inflammatory, cough analgesic, antipyretic and other drugs contain medicinal ingredients to inhibit tears, such as acetaminophen, histamine antagonists and so on. Because the contact lens itself contains quite high water, in the process of wearing constant evaporation, generally need some tears to participate in the supplement. If the drug reduces the amount of tears, then it will directly lead to dry eyes, blurred vision and other problems, if the water shortage is too much may also cause lens fragmentation.


2. Some acids, hormones, antibiotics drug effect will act on the whole body, and intraocular mucosal tissue is very much, such drugs not only affect tears secretion will also affect lipid and other secretions, destroy eye surface "protective membrane", foreign body will be attached to the lens and eye tissue surface cause inflammation and stimulation, this for, wear contact lenses is very bad.

3. Oral contraceptives may cause changes in the intraocular pressure or swelling of the cornea, making the eye more sensitive. If the curvature of the eyeball changes, the base arc matching will get worse, and the contact lens may not feel very comfortable and not as appropriate as before.


4. Physoneurotic and antidepressant drugs may affect tear volume and paralysis perception. Sufficient tears can keep the eyes moist, reduce friction, and ensure the amount of oxygen exchanged with the atmosphere, such drugs can cause great damage to the eye metabolic function. In addition, some drugs or eye drops may spoil or fade the lens.

It can be seen that there are many drugs with taboo in wearing contact lenses, and even many common drugs are among them. Therefore, if you have a long-term medication, you must carefully explain the situation when prescribing the medicine, ask clearly about the side effects, and prepare in advance.