What about wearing contact lens dizziness?

Although contact lenses are becoming more and more popular, everyone has different opinions about it. Frequent negative reports and common discomforts have made many people have doubts.But in fact, the discomfort of wearing contact lenses is also different from person to person, and people with sensitive eyes are more prone to problems.So, what is the feeling of sleepiness, dizziness, and nausea after wearing contact lenses?


Generally, it is a normal phenomenon that dizziness and foreign body sensation occur when the wearer is still in the initial stage of wearing.This is because the visual experience brought by the contact lens is greatly changed compared with when the contact lens is not worn before, and it is easy to have a top-heavy feeling.If it is worn by a novice, there will be cases where the front and back are unclear and the anti-reverse is caused, which will also cause discomfort.In fact, as long as you take the right operation and use, you can easily pass the adaptation period.

When buying contact lenses, it is important to pay attention to the parameters.If the base curve of the contact lens is too small, it will be pressed tightly on the eyeball, or the lens with insufficient oxygen permeability will be selected in the material, which will hinder the normal physiological function of the cornea, causing the eye pressure to rise and cause dizziness.


It is best not to use a degree conversion method to match the contact lens.When the degree of the lens is too high, excessive adjustment of the eyes may cause visual fatigue, dizziness, and nausea.Especially for people with astigmatism, the degree of conversion is more inaccurate, and if the astigmatism is inaccurate, it may lead to correction deviation of the customized astigmatic contact lens, which causes dizziness.

When wearing contact lenses with symptoms of dizziness, you should first find the real cause.In addition, usually wear contact lenses to pay attention to the length of time, with excessive eye will also appear dizziness and nausea.