What are daily-selling contact lenses?

It is said that the daily contact lenses are the healthiest and safest, which is the best choice for the wearer, so, what is the daily contact lenses, and what are the precautions when using the daily contact lenses?


The biggest difference between daily throwing and other types of contact lenses is that daily throwing does not need to be cleaned with care fluid. After each wear, it can be directly removed from the eyes and thrown away. However, other abandoned types must be rubbed immediately after wearing it to remove the protein precipitation attached to the lens, so as to avoid the sediment blocking in the oxygen permeable hole when wearing again, affecting the oxygen permeability and comfort of the lens. In addition, the daily throw does not need to soak disinfection, so also omitted the cost of buying contact lens box, go out only carry the lens, need to wear it at any time.



The water content thrown on the day is relatively high, so it has a high comfort level, so that everyone can enjoy the moist wearing feeling and a clear vision. Looking at the price alone, daily selling is disposable consumables, it will be more expensive for daily use, if the material is silicon hydrogel, the price will be more expensive. However, the day throw is very convenient to carry, if from many aspects of comprehensive consideration, its price is not too expensive, and you can also use the day throw with other throw to wear.

The wearing way is very safe, can not worry about impurities and precipitation substances on the lens. However, the texture of the daily throw lens is soft, so it may not be easy to pick and wear, and it is generally not recommended for the first wearer to choose. At the same time, although the use cycle is marked as one day, but the real wear time still should not be more than 8 hours, and also can not be worn overnight.