What are the causes of bloodshot eyes when wearing contact lenses?

Under normal circumstances, the whites of the eyes should be white and free of discoloration and spots. Sometimes people will experience redness, swelling, congestion, blurred vision and other symptoms after wearing contact lenses. What is the cause?

Wearing it for too long may lead to hypoxia of the cornea, red blood, and dryness and discomfort in the eyes. Wearing contact lenses also depends on the surrounding environment. If you open the air, there is a lot of dust in the environment, or you are in a confined space such as an airplane, it may aggravate corneal hypoxia and cause eye congestion. For eye health, when buying contact lenses, you should pay attention to choosing lenses with high water content as much as possible.


Incomplete cleaning, unsanitary operation, or water in the eyes during wearing can cause inflammation of the eyes. Mild inflammation usually manifests as redness, itching, pain, etc. If it is not dealt with in time, it will lead to aggravation of inflammation, and then conjunctivitis, keratitis, vision damage and other symptoms will appear. Therefore, the use of contact lenses should pay attention to thorough cleaning and strict disinfection.


If the corneal tissue is accidentally injured during the removal and wearing process, it is easy to aggravate the problem of congestion, and it may also lead to an increase in secretions. If the eyes are red, swollen and painful, you need to remove the contact lenses immediately, rest for a period of time and wait for the eyes to fully recover before continuing to wear them.

In the process of wearing contact lenses, if there is a problem of eye congestion, do not use eye drops at will, especially when wearing glasses, to prevent the local concentration from being too high and damaging the cornea. Generally speaking, mild congestion can be improved by ensuring adequate sleep and watching less electronic screens. If the situation is serious, you must go to a professional eye hospital for treatment.