What are the characteristics of soft contact lenses?

Although many people wear contact lenses, they don't know much about the types of contact lenses. In fact, contact lenses can be divided into hard contact lenses (RGP) and soft contact lenses according to the type of contact lenses. Among them, soft contact lenses are generally worn during the day, while RGP contact lenses are generally worn at night.


The contact lenses that are often said in daily life, as well as the contact lenses sold in optical shops and online shops, are all soft contact lenses. The materials of soft contact lenses are roughly divided into hydrogels and silicon hydrogels, both of which are hydrophilic polymer compounds. The biggest characteristics of these two materials are soft texture, strong water absorption, and good oxygen permeability, so they have a good match with the cornea and a short wearing time.

The degree classification of soft contact lenses is more detailed, generally every 25 degrees is a level, and the wearer can buy suitable contact lenses according to their degree. At the same time, customized astigmatism contact lenses that can correct both myopia and astigmatism are also a better choice for astigmatism patients.


The original soft contact lens itself appeared light blue, and actually appeared transparent after wearing it in the eyes. In the process of development, contact lenses have added a colored layer and evolved into the popular colored contact lenses today. Not only are they rich in patterns, but they also add more color schemes, adding a unique charm to eye makeup.

Soft contact lenses play an important role in improving refractive errors. They can also be used to beautify the pupils. At the same time, they are lighter than frame glasses, so they are very popular among young people. However, soft contact lenses are easy to absorb precipitated substances, and require strict disinfection and care, as well as the cleanliness and hygiene of the contact lenses.