What are the dangers of wearing contact lenses incorrectly?

Contact lens wearers are gradually increasing, and various hazards are also showing a trend of explosion, in fact, a deeper look will find that many hazards are caused by wrong wearing. So, today we will learn about the wrong wearing contact lenses can bring damage to the eye!


Harm one, corneal damage. In the process of wearing contact lenses, the physical friction brought by blinking is always inevitable, if coupled with the influence of water evaporation, lens damage, precipitated material residue and other factors, the wear of the cornea will be more serious. When corneal epithelial cells are damaged, it is easy to cause corneal inflammation, ulcers, etc., and will also reduce the resistance of the eye.

Hazard two, corneal infection. The cornea of the eye is very fragile and wearing contact lenses incorrectly can increase the risk of infection. If the daily disinfection and cleaning is not thorough, pollutants will be attached to the lens and carried into the eye. Bacteria, fungi, and parasites can easily attach to contact lenses and thrive on residual sediment.


  Harm three, visual fatigue and dry eye. Contact lenses have strong hydrophilicity and high water content, which will absorb tears during wearing, which will cause dry eyes, fatigue and other symptoms, and it is easy to aggravate corneal hypoxia and edema when water is insufficient, which will lead to neovascularity in the long run. If you have low tear secretion or already suffer from dry eyes, it is not suitable to wear contact lenses.

Therefore, the right way to wear is very important. First, pay attention to wear hygiene, do a good job of cleaning and disinfection, and scrub the lens in time; The second is to correctly remove and wear contact lenses according to the instructions to avoid additional damage to the eyeball during the process of removing and wearing; The third is to arrange the wearing time reasonably, avoid excessive use of the eyes, close the eyes regularly to rest, and pay attention to overlooking and relaxing.