What are the differences between color contact lenses and transparent contact lenses?

 In recent years, people have abandoned bulky glasses in favor of light, stylish contact lenses, which are more popular. Today, we're going to compare the similarities and differences between colored contact lenses and transparent contact lenses.

 The correction principle of color contact lenses and transparent contact lenses is the same, so the degree required by the wearer is also universal. The parameters between them are basically very similar. At present, they all belong to the third class of national medical devices, and the process from production to sales is managed by the State Food and Drug Administration.


 In terms of structure, transparent contact lenses are only a single layer of lenses, while color contact lenses are generally made of sandwich process, consisting of two layers of transparent lenses covering the middle of a dyeing layer. The pattern and color are printed on the dyeing layer, and the external two layers of lenses will seal them to avoid the problem of fading dyeing.

 In terms of color, the difference between the two is well understood. There are various patterns printed on the color contact lenses, and with the continuous improvement of the dyeing process, the pattern effect has been constantly upgraded, not only with diverse styles, rich design, but also always following the fashion trend, and even with many bright designs. However, the transparent film is not really completely transparent, but will present a light blue, easy to distinguish the front and opposite sides.


 In terms of wearing effect, the transparent piece is more inclined to correct the effect. Although the lens is light blue, it becomes colorless and transparent after wearing it into the eye, and it is basically invisible that the contact lenses are worn. But color contact lenses are invented to beautify the eyes, in addition to the most basic correction effect, it can also change the color of the pupil, enlarge the eyes, make the line of sight more profound and other magical effects, some brands also deepen the amplification effect or change the pupil pattern through the pattern, wearing the effect is very dreamy.

For people who love beauty, colored contact lens, but it can be imagined that the oxygen permeability of color contact lens is lower than that of transparent contact lens, and they are more likely to appear dry symptoms, so we should pay special attention to the wearing time and cleaning care when wearing.