What are the effects of sleeping without taking off your contact lenses?

When wearing contact lenses, we always warn everyone that they must remove them before going to bed. So, what are the effects of sleeping with contact lenses on the eyes?


Sleeping without removing your contact lenses may aggravate the hypoxia problem of the cornea. Generally speaking, when a person closes his eyes, the amount of oxygen available to the cornea is greatly reduced. If the obstruction of contact lenses is added, the cornea may be almost isolated from oxygen, which will cause problems such as corneal edema and increased secretions, and sometimes it may even make it difficult to remove the contact lenses after getting up.

Wearing contact lenses overnight can also lead to serious infections, corneal ulcers, and more. Wearing contact lenses to sleep for a long time will cause corneal epithelial cell wear, neovascularization reaction, decreased corneal perception, etc., which will reduce the resistance of the eyes, and may even affect vision and cause irreversible serious consequences.


Therefore, it is absolutely impossible to sleep without taking off your contact lenses. Even if it is a nap, it is best to remove the lenses first. If there is any special situation, you should first buy a care solution and a double box nearby, take off the lens for care, and soak it well for preservation. Daily wearing of contact lenses should be controlled within 8 hours, so as not to affect eye health.

Besides not being able to sleep with them, there are many taboos for wearing contact lenses. For example, you cannot wash your face, bathe or swim with contact lenses, you cannot exchange contact lenses with others, or continue to wear lenses beyond the usage period, etc. Wearing contact lenses incorrectly will cause great damage to the eyes, so everyone must pay attention to standard operation.