What are the possible problems of wearing contact lenses over time?

Safe contact lens wearing, proper operation and use are key. In general, it is best not to wear contact lenses for more than 8 hours a day, and it must be noted that it is forbidden to wear contact lenses overnight. So, what are the dangers of wearing contact lenses for too long?


First, after wearing contact lenses, it cuts off the contact between the cornea and the air, which to a certain extent prevents the cornea from obtaining oxygen, which may cause corneal hypoxia. Although the oxygen permeability coefficient of contact lenses is very high, if worn for a long time, coupled with the influence of factors such as tear loss, increase of secretions, and accumulation of protein precipitation, it is actually difficult to ensure that the cornea can always obtain sufficient oxygen. Corneal hypoxia for a long time, will affect the normal metabolism of corneal cells, and lead to neovascularization reaction.

Second, wearing contact lenses over time, it is easy to cause corneal edema and congestion, which will make the eyes dry and have foreign body sensation. This is not only a wear and tear on corneal cells, but also causes inflammation and infection rates to skyrocket. Early symptoms are generally conjunctivitis and keratitis, if not paid attention to, it will also develop into corneal ulcer, perforation and other diseases.



Third, when wearing glasses for a long time, it can cause problems such as ocular tear dysfunction, visual fatigue, and corneal cell aging. At the beginning, people may just see things blurred, and can be relieved after rest, but long-term overtime wearing may further cause pain, photophobia and even more serious eye diseases.

Wearing contact lenses over time is very harmful, and may cause permanent damage to the eyes over time. Everyone must pay attention to standardized use when wearing contact lenses!