What are the precautions for buying contact lenses?

Although contact lenses are very convenient to use, it has many parameters, many categories, and many products, and it is easy to "step on the pit" for novices who have no purchase experience. Today, let's talk about the precautions for buying contact lenses!


 As a third-class medical device, contact lenses must go through the supervision and management of the drug administration during the whole stage from production to sales. Therefore, the manufacturer of contact lenses needs to hold a production license, but also to print detailed and correct information on the packaging, and the seller must hold a sales license, whether online merchants or offline physical stores are no exception. At the same time, the process, registration certificate, manual and other contents of contact lens products have clear provisions, and consumers can view and verify on the official website.


If it is the first time to wear contact lenses, if you want to match a pair of contact lenses suitable for your own, you must first go to the eye hospital for an examination and evaluation. Due to the particularity of contact lenses, a slight mistake is easy to bring burden and even damage to the eyes, so please ask the doctor to assess whether the eye condition is suitable for wearing contact lenses, but also to measure accurate data, in order to provide a reference for the selection of contact lens parameters.

There are many parameters of contact lenses, which is very confusing when choosing, but in the final analysis, in order to protect the metabolism of the cornea, the oxygen penetration rate of contact lenses is an absolute reference. In the two most important materials on the market - hydrogel and silicon hydrogel, silicon hydrogel adds silicon molecules, so that oxygen permeability has been greatly improved, is the best choice for people who pursue oxygen permeability.

Author suggests that everyone try to choose big brand products when buying contact lenses, and the quality and after-sales service are very reliable.