What are the precautions for traveling with contact lenses?

With the widespread acceptance of contact lenses, the demand for carrying contact lenses on the road began to increase significantly. So, what are the precautions for traveling with contact lenses?

First of all, choose the right use cycle according to the travel needs. If you are traveling with contact lenses to wear, then the first choice is of course the day, so that there is no need to carry extra care solution and double box, and there is no need to care lenses. However, this is not absolute, if the travel time is long and can be cared for, you can also choose other disposable contact lenses.


Secondly, there are some outdoor activities such as tourism, rafting, etc., if you want to wear contact lenses, you may need to consider the weather and environmental conditions. If you encounter dust, wind and other conditions, dust particles are easy to form friction between the contact lens and the eyeball, and may even cause eye infections or permanent diseases. So either don't wear contact lenses at all, or be prepared to take them out at any time.


If you need to remove and wear contact lenses outside, it is recommended that you try to do so on the table or after a napkin. In particular, novice wearers are not skilled, once the lens falls on the ground, it will not only be contaminated with a lot of dust and bacteria, but also may scratch the lens, and it is not ruled out that you will encounter the situation of not finding the lens.

Finally, if you want to travel with contact lenses, whether it is worn on a daily basis or not, author recommends that you carry a care solution with you to clean your hands and lenses in time. If you are wearing contact lenses other than daily disposable, you can also carry a double case with you to facilitate the preservation of contact lenses when you need to remove them. Of course, it is best to carry a pair of glasses in addition to your contact lenses for emergencies.