What are the precautions for using contact lens care solution?

Contact lens care solution is one of the necessary products for wearing contact lenses. When wearing various types of contact lenses other than daily throwing, we need to use care solution in the process of cleaning lenses, rinsing lenses, disinfecting and soaking lenses. So, what do you need to pay special attention to when using nursing solution?


Contact lens solution is not the same as eye drops and should not be dropped directly into the eye. The care solution contains some disinfectants and preservatives. These ingredients are different from eye drops and eye moisturizers. If the care solution is directly put into the eyes, it may irritate the cornea, which may cause cornea redness, inflammation, and more serious eye diseases.

The validity period of the care solution is generally three months. After opening the bottle, try to avoid contaminating the mouth, and put the bottle cap in a cool and dry place. Expired care solution disinfection and antibacterial effect will be greatly reduced, continue to use will have great safety risks. However, if you don't use it up, you can use it to wipe your phone or computer screen, etc.


Contact lens care solution and contact lenses belong to the same class of medical equipment, so you can refer to the standard of contact lenses when buying, carefully check the relevant information of the manufacturer, license, sales qualification and so on is accurate. Try to avoid buying inferior products, also want to avoid being affected by the merchant hype.

Thus, the use of contact lens care solution has a lot of attention, when the eyes feel uncomfortable, it is not suitable for this kind of care solution, should immediately replace a bottle of other types of care solution. If the eyes are sensitive, it is best to try to get rid of the excess care solution before wearing.