What are the precautions for using soft contact lenses?

 At present, the contact lenses sold on the market are soft contact lenses. Our daily habits call them contact lenses, but in fact, the contact lenses are also divided into hard contact lenses and soft contact lenses, both the material and the use method are different, let's understand it together!


 Hard contact lenses, also called RGP, are made of polymer compounds and are highly hydrophilic and oxygen-permeable, so they can be worn at night. The preparation of hard contact lenses needs to go to the eye hospital for examination, and then according to the doctor's advice according to the actual needs and eye data for personalized customization, generally need to wait for about a month. Hard contact lenses wear a long adaptation period, usually need about a week to adapt to, and may have to adapt after a long-term stop wearing.

 And soft contact lenses, roughly hydrogel and silicon hydrogel, two materials. Although the oxygen permeability is not as good as the hard mirror, can only be worn during the day, but the texture of the soft contact lenses is very moist and soft, with the cornea adaptation degree is higher, generally 2-3 days can adapt to. At the same time, the preparation of soft contact lenses is relatively simple, you can choose the appropriate products according to their own degree and eye data.


 Wearing soft contact lenses must be operated in accordance with the standard, and should be rubbed and cleaned in time to remove protein precipitation. When not wearing the lens should be soaked in the care solution, so as to avoid the lens dehydration and drying, but also can isolate bacteria, to ensure the life of the lens.

The initial soft contact lenses were light blue, which could only improve the symptoms of refractive error, but in the subsequent development process, the soft contact lenses added a color layer, adding rich patterns and color matching to the contact lenses, which was loved by young people.