What are the recommendations for contact lens selection?

The choice of contact lenses varies from person to person, so dont blindly follow suit. Today, Xiao Bian provides you with a few suggestions on how to choose contact lenses.

Oxygen permeability is a very important parameter, and high oxygen permeability is of great significance to eye health. If the glasses are not suitable or used incorrectly, it is easy to cause problems such as corneal hypoxia, decreased eye resistance, inflammation and infection. Therefore, you should choose contact lenses with high oxygen permeability as much as possible.


If you are a first-time wearer, you should go to the eye hospital for a detailed examination before using contact lenses to see if your eyes are suitable for wearing contact lenses. By the way, you can also do an optometry examination, so that you can more accurately match the glasses according to the results of the optometry.

Contact lenses with high water content, although more oxygen-permeable, are more likely to cause dry eyes because the water evaporates more quickly. Therefore, people who are prone to dry eyes should pay attention to avoid choosing too high water content when choosing contact lenses. If conditions permit, they can directly choose silicone hydrogel contact lenses.


In the choice of degrees, it should be noted that the degrees of contact lenses and frame glasses are not interchangeable. Generally below 400 degrees, the difference in degrees is negligible, but when it is above 400 degrees, the degrees of contact lenses will be relatively slightly lower.

When choosing the type of disposal, it is generally selected according to the frequency of wearing and actual needs. If you buy a daily use, you don't need to buy additional contact lens care solution, but you need a bottle of care solution to complete the care work when you buy other types of contact lenses.

All in all, everyone should wear glasses according to actual needs and accurate data to avoid damage to the eyes.