What are the tips for buying contact lenses online?

As more and more people are more inclined to choose online shopping, the online store of contact lenses is becoming more and more mature. Although you can't get the product directly, the online platform is more diversified than the physical store, and it is more convenient to compare prices. Today, let's talk about the tips of buying contact lenses online!


Because the online purchase of contact lenses skips the step of optometry, you need to go to the eye hospital for an optometry evaluation before purchasing. Many wearers do not pay much attention to the steps of optometry and inspection, and feel that it is unnecessary, and only when the eye data and the specific degree are clear, can the best fit lens be selected.

Even if you buy contact lenses online, you still need to check the relevant qualification documents. Contact lenses belong to three categories of medical devices, even if it is sold through online channels, it must hold the Medical Device Business License. However, in fact, there are still many wechat business and online shops without business licenses, such shops have great security risks. If you want to buy contact lenses online, please be sure to look for a business license.


Online glasses are very convenient, but don't forget the conversion of degrees. Because the distance between contact lenses and frame glasses and the eye is slightly different, it is obviously not appropriate to match contact lenses directly according to the degree of frame glasses. If it is the first time to get an eyeglass, you can ask a professional optometrist to help you choose the right degree, or you can use a formula to convert.

The focus of the sale of contact lenses is also the trend of The Times, and mastering more tips can help you choose the right contact lenses more easily.