What can't you do with contact lenses?

According to some data, there are as many as 600 million myopia patients in China, accounting for almost half of the total population. However, once myopia is formed, it will be irreversible. The only corrective measures that can be taken are glasses or contact lenses. However, it must be noted that if you want to choose to wear contact lenses, there are many things that cannot be done. Today, let's share a little knowledge about this!

You can't swim with contact lenses. The water quality in the swimming pool is very difficult to ensure cleanliness and hygiene, and the contact lens has strong adsorption. The pathogenic microorganism in the water is infected on the lens during the water splashing process, which further stimulates the cornea and induces eye diseases.


You can't fly with contact lenses. Poor air circulation, dry environment and unbalanced air pressure in the engine room are easy to aggravate the problem of lack of oxygen in the eyes. When wearing contact lenses, there may be the risk of lens drying, deformation or even fragmentation, and it is also easy to cause corneal edema, ulcer, etc.

Don't wear contact lenses when you have a cold. When a person has a cold, one of his body's resistance becomes poor, and his eyes may be mildly inflamed. The other is that the medicine he takes will inhibit the secretion of tears and cause dry and tired eyes. Wearing contact lenses at this time will make even worse.


Try not to wear contact lenses when using the computer. When you stare at the computer screen, your eyes are in a state of high tension, and you will unconsciously reduce the number of blinks. If the degree of the contact lens is not appropriate, it may cause dizziness and vision loss. Even if the degree matches, it will also produce a strong foreign body feeling.

The importance of the eyes is self-evident. The health of vision depends more on prevention than treatment. The same is true for wearing contact lenses. Only when you are familiar with the taboos can you ensure your safety.