What color is the most beautiful contact lens?

Contact lenses were originally made as transparent sheets, a light blue color visible in the solution, and their main function was to correct vision. Then, there was a great breakthrough in the technology of contact lenses, with the addition of colorful patterns, with more decorative functions of colored contact lenses. So, what's the best color for contact lenses?


Colored contact lenses are chosen to highlight the beauty of different styles, so it is important that they fit you. Generally, we need to consider oxygen permeability, base arc and other parameters when choosing transparent pieces, and color contact lenses also need to consider the collocation of skin color, hair color, makeup and so on. We should try to follow the principle of light color matching light color and dark color matching dark color.

The most popular contact lens colors are black, gray, and brown. This kind of color style, can be natural, sweet, cool, high frequency of daily use. What's more, Asians have darker pupils, so colors such as black gray and coffee brown can blend more naturally, inadvertently enlarging the eyes and making the vision more vivid.


And in the hybrid type of effect, blue is more popular. Blue color contact lenses are easy to bring a sense of transparency and clarity, when the color is low, it has its own highlight effect, very dreamy, and when the color is high, it is very suitable for mixing makeup, with a more advanced sense of reality.

Finally, author to remind you, color contact lenses because of the existence of the pigment layer, oxygen permeability is lower than transparent piece, so we must follow the product instructions to wear and care correctly, remember not to wear too long, not to wear all night to sleep oh!