What do I need to check for new contact lenses?

For beginners, although they have successfully fitted glasses after a series of examinations, they often do not know what to check. So, what do you need to check and confirm when you buy a new contact lens?


When you buy a new contact lens, you must first check whether the degree is correct. The number of degrees of contact lenses is more, and it is not ruled out that there is a mistake in the delivery or taking the goods, so the first time you get the contact lenses, you should check whether the degree is correct. If you accidentally wear contact lenses with inappropriate degrees, it is likely to worsen myopia, and sometimes lead to problems such as dizziness and headaches.

After confirming that the parameters are OK, we should check the packaging problems, before unpacking, the packaging of contact lenses should be intact. At the same time, because contact lenses are divided into three categories of medical devices, according to relevant regulations, the license number, manufacturer, factory address and other information on the outer package must be detailed and accurate.


After unpacking, the focus of inspection is the lens. Take out the contact lens and place it on the wearing stick. Check the edge of the lens under the light to see if there is any damage and whether there are scratches on the front and back sides. Because the contact lens is close to the eye, even small problems in the lens can cause strong foreign body sensation, and may even scratch the cornea and cause inflammation.

If there is no problem with the lens, you can try on the lens, this step is mainly to check whether the base arc is suitable. The base arc is an easy parameter to be ignored, but if the base arc is not suitable, it will affect the comfort of wearing. It can be checked by blinking and gently pushing the lens, and the most suitable base arc is the one that can push properly but does not slip when blinking.