What do you need to pay attention to buying contact lenses online?

At present, a lot of people choose to buy contact lenses online, which is really a good channel, cheap and convenient to operate, available styles are relatively rich, express delivery speed is not slow. However, to keep your eyes safe and avoid potholes, we've put together a few tips.


Since contact lenses belong to the third class of medical devices, no matter how you sell them, you must have a medical device business license, which is a document required by the state to sell contact lenses. Therefore, we must polish our eyes when choosing businesses, look for qualifications, to avoid buying inferior contact lens products.

When buying contact lenses through the Internet, people tend to choose products, so the relevant services provided by businesses are not perfect, which requires wearers to first do an eye examination to confirm that they have no related contraindications and can wear contact lenses. At the same time, in the choice of degrees, we should also do our homework, must carry out professional optometry, obtain accurate eye data, in order to avoid problems such as degrees do not match.


In addition, author suggested that you read more comments before buying, do not blindly follow the trend of group buying. In the comparison of prices, we should not forget to pay attention to the details of the merchants' after-sales treatment, complaints and feedback, and communicate with the merchants more, so as to truly choose inexpensive contact lens products.

When wearing contact lenses, be sure to follow the instructions strictly. At the same time, we also recommend regular eye examination, if discomfort, should immediately stop wearing and seek medical attention.