What does it mean to throw away contact lenses half a year?

Contact lenses can be divided into many types according to the disposable type, and beginners may feel confused and confused when choosing parameters. Today, we mainly introduce the semi-annual throwing of contact lenses.

As the name suggests, the half-year throw is valid for half a year. From the date of unpacking, there is a total of 6 months of use. During wearing, if the lens has any scratches, damage or deposits that cannot be cleaned, it can also be discarded in advance.


Half-yearly disposable contact lenses were originally designed with a longer service life in mind, resulting in better formability, stronger lens toughness, durability and antibacterial properties. But even so, after each wearing, it is still necessary to rub and clean in time to remove all the protein deposits attached to the lens, so as to ensure the unobstructed oxygen permeation hole of the lens and the comfort of wearing.


Compared with other types, half-yearly lenses have lower water content to avoid water loss, so half-yearly lenses are more suitable for novice wearers or those whose eyes are prone to dryness. If the wearing frequency is not too high, it is more cost-effective to throw it in half a year, so it will not have to be discarded after wearing it a few times. The lenses can be stored in the care solution when not in use, but they need to be replaced with fresh care solution every 2-3 days to ensure the hygiene of the lenses.

In the process of wearing contact lenses, if the cleaning and necessary disinfection are not ensured, it is easy to cause eye infections. If there is inflammation in the eyes during use, you must immediately remove the contact lenses and consult a doctor at an eye hospital as soon as possible to avoid aggravation of the condition and cause serious damage to the eyes.