What eyedrops are better for people who often wear contact lenses?

Wearing contact lenses is always difficult to get rid of dry eyes, not only that, eyes swelling, dizziness also often come to visit. In our life, we can't help but face computers and mobile phones for a long time. The eye problems will only become more and more serious, which will eventually cause eye sensitivity, redness, pain and a series of health problems. Is eyedrop a better choice for people who often wear contact lenses?


In fact, no matter what kind of eye problems, we do not recommend eyedrops to alleviate. On the one hand, there are many kinds of eyedrops with different applicable symptoms, which can't adapt to most people. Improper use will damage the eye microenvironment; on the other hand, most eyedrops contain preservatives, which are not suitable for long-term or frequent use, which will affect the normal tear function, and may have adverse effects against dry eyes and other diseases.

If the eyes are really dry, artificial tears without preservatives are the only need. The main ingredients of artificial tears are sodium hyaluronate, which is a drug to simulate human tears and can really moisturize dry eyes. This kind of artificial tear is usually made into a small package, which is safe and sanitary, and can be bought in the pharmacy, because it does not contain preservatives, and will not bring too much burden to the eyes when used.


Although contact lens care solution has a bactericidal effect, it can not be used as eye drops. Various chemical components in it are a great stimulus to the eyes, which is easy to cause keratitis and conjunctivitis. In a word, the problem of dry eyes is the most important for the symptoms, and the treatment is more important. We should find out the causes of dry eyes as soon as possible and take targeted solutions.