What factors affect the life of contact lenses?

For the wearer, the life of the contact lens is very important, it is related to the quality of the lens, affects the way of wearing, and determines the health and safety of the wearer's eyes. So, how long is the life of contact lenses, and what factors affect it?

The life of contact lenses is closely related to the use cycle. Long period products such as half a year, after opening the use of not more than 6 months, and short period products such as day, can only be worn once, not reused. In theory, the service cycle should be equal to the life of the lens, but in the actual wearing process, often subject to other factors, making the life of the contact lens shortened. In general, the longer the use of contact lenses, the deeper the impact of various factors, and therefore more prone to infection and other problems. Contact lenses past their expiration date will begin to age and deteriorate, making them uncomfortable to wear and prone to additional corneal damage.


 So what are the other factors? First, the way of cleaning. Proper cleaning and disinfection, soaking and storage procedures can ensure the normal use of contact lenses during the replacement cycle, and can also reduce eye complications. Excessive rubbing and excessive force will cause direct damage to the quality of the lens. In addition, the use of strong cleaning instruments or strong disinfection of care solutions, in addition to the impact on the lens itself, but also may cause eye irritation. Relatively mild care products and care methods are actually protecting the lens and eyes.


Second, the lens material also determines the life of the lens. In the process of wearing, I believe that everyone can feel the huge difference between the lens material. For example, the water content of silicone hydrogel contact lenses is high, so it is easier to adsorb protein precipitation, if the care is not good, then it will soon be too much precipitation and can not continue to wear.

Third, the way of wearing is also an important link in accelerating lens deterioration. Improper wearing environment and taking off operation may shorten the life of contact lenses. Friends with long fingernails are bound to be more likely to scratch their contact lenses when taking them off and putting them on.