What is the difference between astigmatic lenses and ordinary lenses?

Most myopic and hyperopic patients are accompanied by a certain degree of astigmatism. Generally, astigmatism within 50 degrees of refraction is called physiological astigmatism, which can be treated without special treatment. But if astigmatism is serious, or dizziness, headache and other symptoms are more obvious, it must be corrected. Astigmatic contact lenses are specially developed for patients with astigmatism.
Astigmatic contact lenses can be combined with ordinary lenses to make a lens, while correcting hyperopia, myopia and astigmatism. Because of this, astigmatic lenses have more functions and higher prices than ordinary lenses. Jilin Rierkang recommends that you go to the hospital or professional glasses shop for astigmatism examination, and customize astigmatism lenses according to the results of astigmatism and axis inspection.
Astigmatic lenses are thicker than ordinary lenses. The common location method of astigmatism lens is prism positioning method, which is to design a bottom-down prism on the basis of ordinary lens to fix the lens and keep the lens from rotating in the eyes. The thickness of the lens also varies with degrees.
More attention should be paid to the cleaning of astigmatic lenses. Ordinary lenses are relatively easy to clean, generally as long as gently rubbed with the finger belly. Because of the uneven thickness of astigmatic lens, the thin side of the lens is easier to be damaged in the process of cleaning and maintenance.
The wearing of astigmatic lenses is more complicated. Astigmatic lenses are thicker and heavier, sometimes causing discomfort and foreign body sensation, so it takes longer time to adapt, and some wearers will appear dazzling sensation.
Astigmatic lenses are very different from ordinary lenses. For people with both hyperopia or myopia and astigmatism, correct wearing of optical lenses can inhibit vision loss. Especially for preschool children, astigmatism must be corrected to prevent amblyopia. Jilin Rierkang Contact Lens Co., Ltd. uses prism positioning method to design astigmatic lenses, while correcting visual acuity, strive to maintain comfortable wear, because professional, so it is trustworthy! In addition, Rilcon also advises astigmatism patients to pay more attention to eye protection and ensure adequate sleep.