What is the difference between the large diameter and the small diameter of contact lenses?

The diameter of a contact lens refers to the maximum distance between the edges of the lenses. Since many wearers pursue the effect of enlarging the eyes, this is closely related to the parameter of diameter. So, what is the difference between the large diameter and the small diameter of a contact lens?


In the division of diameters, 14.2mm can be used as the boundary, contact lenses larger than 14.2mm are regarded as large diameters, and those smaller than 14.2mm are regarded as small diameters. When worn, the large diameter makes the eyes look more pitiful, large and energetic, while the small diameter looks more natural and transparent. Sometimes, the diameter also affects the size of the base arc, and contact lenses with an inappropriate diameter may cause problems such as sliding and occlusion after wearing.

However, an excessively large diameter still needs to be tried with caution. One is that large-diameter contact lenses may not be easy to put on, and the other is that if the black eyeball is too large, the proportion of the black eyeball is out of balance with the white of the eye, which will look unnatural and unattractive, and the eyes will appear dull. In fact, many patterns such as radial lines or dark edges can also achieve the visual effect of magnifying the eyes.


When fitting glasses, everyone should choose the corresponding diameter according to the size and proportion of their black eyeballs. For colored contact lenses, they should be able to cover the black eyeballs and not block the line of sight. If you are wearing it for the first time, you can try contact lenses with a diameter of 14.2mm first, and then choose a larger diameter or a smaller diameter according to the wearing effect. In addition, the choice of diameter also needs to consider the height of the palpebral fissure. More generally speaking, it is more difficult for people with small eyes to wear large-diameter contact lenses.

Appropriate contact lens diameter can increase the charm of eyes while ensuring wearing comfort.