What is the impact of wearing contact lenses on the eyes?

Contact lenses have many advantages, but if they are not handled properly, they may cause some complications.The incidence of these complications is not high, and most of the symptoms are mild, but if the hygienic conditions are not guaranteed and the treatment is delayed, it may develop into a more serious eye disease.To wear a contact lens healthily and for a long time, you need to understand the impact of contact lenses on your eyes.


Inferior quality, rough processing, or damaged contact lenses can cause more friction on the eyes, causing great damage to the corneal epithelial cells, and may cause infection once the resistance is reduced and the bacteria invade.Long-term use of lenses often accumulates a lot of deposits, which also increases friction and irritation, making the conjunctiva inflamed.

The secretions of the eyes and the impurities of the external environment are the main sources of contact lens deposits. These deposits adhere to the surface of the lens. If they cannot be removed in time, they will gradually combine with the lens material, causing the lens to deteriorate.Increased sedimentation causes inflammation of the eyes, while already inflamed eyes secrete more mucus, thus forming a vicious circle


Contact lenses are attached to the eyeball for a long time, which will paralyze the peripheral nerves of the eye, causing the cornea to feel less and reduce the sensitivity to foreign bodies.Therefore, many wearers have inflamed eyes and even ulcers, and it is easy to delay treatment.

Contact lenses have hidden "bad points" and must be vigilant.Complications caused by long-term wear may be encountered by anyone, so in the usual use, you must clean, reduce the accumulation of sediment, and avoid eye discomfort.