What is the Wearing Effect and How to Wear the Sharingan Contact Lens ?

The sharingan is a kind of pupillometry in the cartoon NARUTO and possessed by the members of Yuzhibo family, which is divided into single magatama, double magatama, triple magatama, kaleidoscope, sharingan, etc.

Because of the unique and beautiful design, it gains great popularity by the NARUTO fans, which is leading fashion among the contact lens industry. In order to be more close to the cartoon characters, cosplay fans are particularly enthusiastic about the sharingan contact lens. Hence, the wearing effect of sharingan contact lens and wearing cautions should be noted.


Cosplay contact lens is mostly exaggerated with evident wearing effect. It looks relatively weird if we wear in daily life, which is usually only used in cosplay. Regarding the effect, the sharingan contact lens is very vivid, which is exactly the same with the cartoon characters. It is very secure and convenient choice.

Although the sharingan contact lens belongs to the cosplay model, it is essentially still the contact lens. There is not much difference in the wearing cautions compared with the normal lens, which needs the hygiene and standard operation. Besides, the following points should be especially noted. First, because the cosplay lens usually need darker eye make-up, while doing make-up, we should be careful and escape from the cosmetics enter into the eyes. Once the cosmetics enter into the eyes, it easily causes ocular inflammation. Second, in order to keep the hygiene and safety, we should cut off the finger nails. Besides, we should clean thoroughly the finger nails and be careful while taking and removing the lens. Third, because the eye development of the juveniles is not yet perfect, please don’t wear the sharingan contact lens. Fourth, please don’t wear the contact lens for more than 8 hours every day.

Sharingan contact lens is the new attempt of the contact lens design. Currently in the market, the design is very diverse and the quality is different. For the health of our eyes, even if occasionally wear or one-time wear,please remember to purchase the contact lens in the standard store.