What matters should first match contact lens notice?

When wearing contact lenses, you must read the instructions carefully and follow the standard procedures for operation and use. But if it is the first time to match glasses, and what need to know in advance of the precautions, together to understand it!


If you have not worn contact lenses before, it is recommended that you get an evaluation before getting them. Contact lenses are worn in a special position. For the sake of eye safety, a detailed examination of the eye condition should be carried out first to confirm that it is suitable for wearing contact lenses before fitting lenses. This is also very helpful for lens selection and can improve the quality of fitting lenses.

In the choice of brands and products, we should try to choose big brand products with formal qualifications, and guarantee after-sales service. In the choice of throwing type, should choose their own type according to the actual demand, such as the pursuit of cost performance on the choice of long throwing type, value health on the choice of short cycle, and if the eyes are easy to dry, must try to avoid too high water content.




Contact lens parameters, types, and prices vary, it's easy to get confused. But one of the most important parameters in contact lenses is oxygen permeability, which plays a key role in supporting corneal respiration, so it must be a good idea for people to prioritize oxygen permeability when buying.

When buying contact lenses, don't forget the choice of complementary products. If you wear contact lenses other than daily lenses, you must purchase a solution and a double case to clean and preserve the lenses. Meanwhile, contact lenses and accessories have a corresponding shelf life and need to be replaced regularly.

Finally, author also reminds you that wearing contact lenses must control the length of time, it is best not to more than 8 hours a day, try to take out one or two days a week to wear glasses, so that the eyes get a full rest, to avoid corneal damage.