What's up with contact lens slides?

Under normal circumstances, the contact lens will be stably attached to the eyeball, but sometimes everyone finds that the lens may not be well fixed, resulting in a large or small offset. What is going on?


If the newly purchased contact lens has a problem with the sliding plate, it is necessary to mainly check whether the base arc is suitable. If the base arc of the lens is larger than the base arc of the eyeball, the fit of the lens will become poor, and it is easy to slide in the eye with the blink of an eye, causing blurred vision. Most of the lenses on sale have a base arc between 8.4-8.6, which is also the average base arc level for Asians. However, there are still people who have special base arcs, so they cannot blindly follow other people's recommendations. They need to choose according to their own eyeball base arcs.

If you have been wearing a good contact lens and suddenly start to slip, it is usually necessary to check to see if the lens is reversed. If the operation is not skilled and the lens is worn on the reverse side, it will also lead to unstable positioning of the lens. The transparent lens is sometimes difficult to distinguish the front and back. You can put the lens between your thumb and index finger before wearing it. If the lens is folded inward, it means that the front is facing up and can be worn into the eye.


In addition, if the properties of the lens have changed, it can also cause the phenomenon of slippage. At this time, you should check whether the contact lens has exceeded its life cycle, or whether the contact lens has been soaked with a liquid other than the care solution. For eye hygiene and safety, once the lenses deteriorate, they must be discarded immediately and cannot be worn any longer.

Contact lenses are always sliding, which not only causes blurred vision and poor correction, but more importantly, the lens rubs back and forth on the cornea when sliding, which is very easy to cause inflammation. Therefore, once there is a problem with the slider, everyone should take it seriously!