What's wrong with wearing contact lenses to feel grinding your eyes.

Whether you wear contact lenses for the first time or often, you will encounter eye grinding. There are many reasons for this discomfort, but the first thing is to remove the lens. Be careful not to rub your eyes to prevent corneal damage. So why on earth do you sharpen your eyes? What should I do when I feel my eyes are sharpened?

First make sure that the lens is worn in reverse, check whether there is damage.The front and back of contact lenses are often hard to tell apart, and the softer the lens, the harder it is to tell them apart.If you get it wrong, it will sharpen your eyes.Contact lenses are relatively small and often have minor damage that is difficult to detect, which can also cause eye discomfort.

In the inspection, if found the lenses not clean, it may also be the main cause of eye grinding. The nursing and cleaning of contact lenses are very important and necessary. After a long time of use, white precipitates will gradually appear on the lens, which is the result of the interaction between protein and the charge on the surface of the lens material. With the evaporation of tear, a large number of residues are bound to the lens surface. If not scrubbed thoroughly, it will not only grind the eyes seriously, but also reduce the lens life.

If the above situation is excluded, wearing contact lenses requires a certain wear-in period. It takes a certain period of running-in to wear contact lenses. For the first time wearing contact lenses, it is normal to feel the lens grinding and foreign body feeling. This discomfort will be relieved in about a week, but if symptoms continue to worsen, please stop wearing and timely medical treatment.

Contact lenses directly with the cornea, every blink, will make contact lenses and the surface of the eye produce certain friction, so contact lenses have strict health requirements. Jilin Realcon Contact Glasses Co., Ltd. has built a 10,000-grade clean area in accordance with GMP standard. The standard operating procedures for cleaning and disinfection are adopted. The aseptic production is carried out throughout the whole production process to ensure that the product quality meets the requirements of laws and regulations.