What should I do if a novice can't wear contact lenses?

If it is the first time to wear contact lenses, it is normal to not wear them, especially for people with sensitive eyes, which may fail to wear due to uncontrollable blinking. So, what should I do if I can't wear it?


Before wearing glasses, you need to trim your nails neatly, wash your hands, and then thoroughly disinfect the gadgets to ensure hygienic operation. After taking out the lens, be sure to distinguish the front and back sides. The edge of the back side of the lens is not round enough, which may stimulate the cornea and cause rejection and cause the wearing failure.

For first-time wearers, it may not be easy to accept the tool, and you can try to wear the lens with your fingers. In order to prevent the eyelid from pushing the lens out, be sure to press the root of the eyelashes with the pulp of your finger, and pull the eyelid completely apart so that the black eyeball can be fully exposed. Don't hesitate to push it into the eye, the force is gentle but fast, and you can gently release the eyelids after putting it on.


If it is difficult to find the feeling no matter what, you can ask friends who can wear contact lenses to help you wear them a few times to get used to the process of wearing glasses and avoid psychological resistance. In fact, wearing contact lenses requires a lot of patience, you can adjust your mentality and try a few more times. However, contact lenses cannot be dehydrated for a long time, and it is best to put them back into the care solution for a while to prevent the lenses from drying out or even chipping.

In short, wearing contact lenses requires standardized operation and more practice. After you are proficient, you can easily master the tricks. If the glasses are not suitable, it may cause many eye diseases, so it is recommended that you go to a regular eye hospital with contact lenses.