When wearing contact lenses for a long time, what will happen to the red blood?

In a fast-paced era, no job is too easy, and working overtime is also a common occurrence.Insufficient long-term sleep, the eyes will always be covered with red blood, but the cause of red blood in the eyes is not only bad rest, but also inflammation, external stimuli or excessive use of the eyes.Red blood is a health warning for the eyes. For those who like to wear contact lenses, always be careful.


If you wear contact lenses, both eyes have red blood, a high probability is caused by eye discomfort or lack of oxygen.Poor quality of contact lenses, or improper parameters such as base arc and diameter, can cause additional irritation to the eyes.Repeated appearance of red blood, may be the lens and the eyeball is not enough, should be re-examined in a professional eye hospital.And each time you wear it for too long or use too much eye, it will cause eye hypoxia, vascular proliferation, and tear secretion changes.


If only one eye is red, it may be inflammation caused by unsanitary wear.Whether it is conjunctivitis or keratitis, it is necessary to analyze the cause of the disease and symptomatic treatment.This kind of inflammation is more common in spring and summer. If it is not treated in time, it may cause blindness, so be sure to keep your eyes clean.

Just beginning to wear contact lenses have to undergo an adaptation period, after a week will be better, due to conjunctival congestion, corneal hypoxia caused by red blood can basically be eliminated by stopping.In some people who wear contact lenses for more than 3-5 years, there will be corneal neovascularization problems, which are not easy to subside. They can only suppress their growth and prevent complications.