Which contact lens types are suitable for novice wearers?

 Novice in the choice of contact lenses, often have a lot of doubts, the parameters are also a little understanding, often difficult to buy suitable for their own contact lenses. Today, author will start with the main parameters to help you understand which contact lenses are suitable for novice wearers.

 From the perspective of abandonment, we suggest starting from the year, half a year to try. Due to the long use cycle, the annual and half-year contact lenses are often more durable, and better formed, good operation and easy to use, which can greatly reduce the probability of the novice wearer failing to pick and wear.


 In terms of the choice of diameter and base arc, generally speaking, the diameter should be compromised, the general 14.2 contact lenses have higher adaptability, too large diameter may not be easy to wear into the eyes, especially the novice operation is unstable, easy to bring some damage to the cornea. The choice of base arc is often matched according to the results of the mirror evaluation examination. The base arc of the eye is usually between 8, usually large rather than small, so as to avoid affecting corneal respiration..4-8.6

 When choosing the water content of contact lenses, it is recommended that you first choose contact lenses with lower water content, which is easy to pick and wear, and will not feel dry eyes quickly. Although contact lenses with high water content can bring temporary comfort, water evaporation will become faster and the eyes are easy to feel uncomfortable.


 The last thing is oxygen permeability. To judge the quality of contact lenses, it is necessary to see the level of oxygen permeability. Regardless of the type of contact lens, high oxygen permeability can provide better conditions for corneal breathing. Therefore, when choosing, as long as the conditions permit, we must choose the most oxygen-permeable contact lenses as far as possible.

There are many kinds of contact lens products, especially novice wearers are easy to step on the pit, must be careful to choose oh!