Who is not suitable for wearing contact lenses?

 The national management of contact lenses is relatively strict, and the quality of big brand products is also guaranteed, but do you know that not all people are suitable to wear contact lenses?


 First, contact lenses are not suitable for people with eye diseases. Patients with keratitis, conjunctivitis, trachoma, and dry eye who forcibly wear contact lenses can aggravate their symptoms, cause more serious eye disease, and even risk blindness. Therefore, if you have an eye disease, it is recommended to follow your doctor's advice and choose to configure the frame contact lenses.

 Second, people suffering from certain, some systemic diseases, are not suitable to wear contact lenses. Some systemic diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, kidney disease and so on can cause changes in eye conditions, and wearing contact lenses may aggravate eye damage.


 Third, minors are not suitable to wear contact lenses. Although contact lenses and colored contact lenses have been popular among young people in recent years, theoretically speaking, the eye development of minors is not perfect, and the vision is not stabilized. rashly wearing contact lenses may increase unnecessary burden to the eye development, and more serious may affect the eye function.

 Fourth, older people are not suitable for wearing contact lenses. Eye tissues in the elderly will gradually degenerate, and their resistance will decrease. The cornea is prone to hypoxia. If wearing contact lenses, it may cause infections, ulcers and other eye complications.

In fact, a large part of people are not suitable for wearing contact lenses, author suggests that all friends who want to buy contact lenses to a professional hospital to do a detailed examination and evaluation, and then to consider whether it is better according to the results.