Why are you dizzy with contact lenses?

Normally, wearing contact lenses will not cause dizziness and headache. Therefore, if symptoms such as dizziness occur, you need to actively find the cause and make adjustments in time to avoid affecting the wearing experience or causing more serious adverse reactions.


It is normal to feel dizzy the first time you wear contact lenses. This is because wearing contact lenses will cause some eye irritation. Human eyes are sensitive and fragile. Wearing contact lenses requires an adaptation stage. We generally recommend that novices gradually increase the wearing time from 2 hours, and the symptoms of discomfort will be relieved within 2-3 days. In addition, poor degree adaptation can also cause dizziness, which requires re-detection and adjustment of the degree.

If dizziness occurs suddenly due to a new contact lens, it may be caused by the inconsistency of the parameters of the new and old lenses. We all know that the base curve, diameter, center thickness and other parameters of different brands of contact lenses are also different. If you happen to buy a lens with inappropriate parameters, it will naturally be uncomfortable to wear.


The wearing experience of contact lenses will also be affected by your physical condition. If you stay up late or overuse your eyes, the discomfort of wearing contact lenses will increase due to fatigue. In addition, the environment is also one of the most important factors. In a dry and windy environment, the moisture of contact lenses evaporates relatively quickly, and it is easy to feel dry and rub the eyes.

If you have any symptoms of discomfort during wearing, you should remove the lens in time. Common symptoms of discomfort will generally be relieved after full relaxation and rest, but if the symptoms are not relieved or worsen, you must seek medical treatment as soon as possible.