Why can't I wear contact lenses for a long time?

 Under normal circumstances, the wearing recommendation is to try not to wear contact lenses for more than 8 hours, if there is a habit of often wearing contact lenses, then it is better to wear less than 6 hours a day. If you wear contact lenses for the first time, it is best to wear them for a short time to adapt, wait until the discomfort is reduced, and then gradually increase the length of wearing the lens.


 The reason why it is recommended that people strictly control the time is because wearing contact lenses for too long can cause great harm to the eyes. Due to corneal hypoxia, the initial discomfort reaction may include tissue edema, dryness and itching, pain and photophobia, blurred vision, etc., if it is not interfered with and allowed to develop, it will further cause neovascularization reaction, damage eye stability, resulting in decreased eye resistance, etc., and may even lead to dry eye, keratitis and other eye diseases. Especially when wearing color contact lenses, because of the design reason, color contact lenses add a layer of printing color layer than ordinary lenses, which will make the oxygen permeability somewhat affected, but also more likely to produce corneal hypoxia problem.


To ensure the normal metabolism of the eye, the cornea must have sufficient oxygen supply at all times. In many cases, when the cornea is hypoxic, the eye secretions will become more and more, these secretions will be deposited in large quantities on the lens and it will be difficult to remove them, the residual protein precipitation will gradually increase and all are blocked in the oxygen permeability hole, the oxygen permeability of the contact lens will further decline, the problem of corneal hypoxia after wearing the lens will naturally become more and more serious, and the whole process will form a vicious circle. If the cleaning is not thorough, then even if the new lens is replaced, it will still quickly accumulate a large amount of sediment that is difficult to remove. At the same time, due to poor local hygiene, infections, perforations, and long parasites often occur.

Contact lenses have always been a popular product for young people, but no matter what the purpose of wearing contact lenses is, it should not be at the expense of eye health. If there are various symptoms caused by hypoxia, it is necessary to go to the hospital in time for examination, and stop wearing contact lenses and symptomatic treatment according to the doctor's advice.