Why can wear contact lens feel Temple ache?

Now, there are many people who don't go for glasses inspection and not enouth to know how to use contact lenses, so the trade started to buy and wear contact lenses without hesitation. Therefore, some people have the symptoms of dizziness, nausea and pain in the temple after wearing them. Today we will talk about the reason of headache when wearing contact lenses.


Temporal pain and fatigue have a great relationship. When the contact lenses are not suitable or the eyes are used excessively, the eyes focus hard, and the eye muscles are always in a tense state, which will cause the reflection of blood vessels and nerves, and lead to dizziness and headache. Generally, it is mainly around the eyes, and then spread to the head on the same side. When the intensity of eye use is relatively large, the rest time should be reasonably arranged so that the eyes can be relaxed.

The intraocular pressure of normal people is stable in a certain range, which can maintain a good refractive state. Intraocular pressure is not only affected by internal conditions such as genetic factors, but also by external environment such as seasonal climate. When intraocular pressure changes abnormally, it will also lead to headache. When the intraocular pressure is high, wearing contact lenses will aggravate the stimulation and may cause other inflammation. At this time, we must stop using contact lenses, go to the eye examination, check the cornea and intraocular pressure, and determine the cause of the pain.



If it is the first time to wear, the eyeball is still in the adjustment and adaptation stage, the resulting headache phenoen on is generally temporary. But if at ordinary times do not pay attention to eye health, infected with bacteria or viruses, will show itching pain, tears more than, serious also can cause temple pain. In this case, you must go to the hospital for medical treatment immediately.

The cause of the pain in the temple can be large or small. We must carefully analyze it. According to the cause of the disease, we can choose to continue to observe or seek medical treatment immediately. We must not delay the treatment due to relaxing our vigilance.