Why can wearing contact lens cause corneal edema?

 Corneal edema is one of the more common adverse reactions in the process of wearing contact lenses. Today we will understand the causes of corneal edema!

 Corneal hypoxia is a major cause of corneal oedema. If the oxygen transmittance of contact lenses is low, it is easy to lead to dry eyes, the cornea can not breathe, the eyes can not be properly metabolized, but also produce a strong foreign body sensation, resulting in unstable vision and blurred vision. In the long run, it can cause neovascular reactions, and in serious cases, it may lead to blindness.


 If the lens is not cleaned thoroughly, it can also cause corneal congestion and edema. The physical friction of foreign bodies can form a great wear on the eye tissue cells, and the bacteria at the same time multiply in large quantities on the sediment, while the invasion of the corneal damage resistance declines, thus causing corneal infection, ulcers and so on.


 Therefore, author suggests that you try to buy high oxygen permeable contact lenses, it is best to wear silicon hydrogel contact lenses, and reduce the length of wear time, fundamentally prevent the problem of corneal edema. But if there is already corneal edema and pain, be sure to stop wearing contact lenses immediately and rest for a period of time to let the cornea recover by itself. When the symptoms do not relieved or continue to worsen, you should go to the eye hospital as soon as possible to avoid causing more serious eye disease.

In fact, corneal edema is not necessarily caused by wearing contact lenses. If staying up late for a long time, excessive eyes, or vigorously rubbing eyes, trauma and impact will also cause corneal edema. Therefore, whether you wear contact lenses or not, the key to protecting your eyes is to ensure adequate sleep and develop good eye habits.