Why choose Beauty pupil ?

Look at the present,Beauty pupil has become a necessary cosmetic product.There is no exaggeration in the statement that “nine out of ten girls wear beautiful pupils”.Get rid of the limitation of the glasses frame,visual field is clear and unshielded make the pupil more popular,Even among boys, it's beginning to catch on.But the harm of the pupil has deterred many people.Then we will analyze the advantages of the pupil.

NO.1 contact lenses have no hindrance and restriction of the frame, and there is no risk of breaking the frame lenses. The lens itself is weightless, and the lens box is compact and easy to carry. Compared with transparent film, beautiful pupil has exquisite and varied pattern design and various colors to choose from. It not only has no effect on the appearance of the wearer, but also enlarges the eyes, so that the eyes are flexible and energetic.

NO.2 For those who need high degree correction, such as 10D diopter (1000 degrees), the thickness and refractive index of frame glasses lens are relatively high, and the image will be greatly enlarged or reduced. The image magnification or reduction caused by contact lenses is only about 7%, which can improve the optical defects of frame lenses, such as prism effect, and bring a broader vision to the wearer.

NO.3 If the wearer's binocular myopia or hyperopia degree difference is more, such as more than 2-2.5D diopter, wearing frame glasses, binocular imaging difference will be too big, the brain is more difficult to combine the two eyes image. Contact lenses can reduce the difference of binocular imaging, and for astigmatism patients, special astigmatism film can also be customized to correct visual acuity.

NO.4 Some professions, such as actors, for the different needs of the role, in order to present a better effect, usually choose the right pupil to wear. In the occasions of parties and wedding photographs, beautiful women will choose to wear pupils to enhance their makeup, especially when COSPLAY, the role of pupils can not be ignored.

There are many advantages of beautiful pupil, but when wearing beautiful pupil, we must pay attention to cleanliness and hygiene, otherwise it will cause some damage to the eyes. As long as you follow the product instructions to care and use, you can rest assured that wear. Realcon series of pupils adopt inner film printing and dyeing process. The dyes do not touch the eyeball, increase air permeability and make the visual effect of coloring more vivid and three-dimensional, taking into account comfort and safety, which is your safe choice.