Why do contact lenses break so easily?

 Often wear contact lenses, you will inevitably encounter the problem of contact lens fragmentation. So why do contact lenses always break up easily?


 Contact lens texture is light and light, and in order to improve comfort is also optimizing the process, so that contact lenses become thinner and more moist, so in the process of taking and nursing the lens, a little careless will leave scratches on the lens. Many girls like to keep long nails, which is very easy to scratch and cut the lens in the process of picking and wearing.

 When not wearing contact lenses, you must soak the lenses in the care solution, so that you can both disinfect and maintain moisture. If the contact lens stays in the air for too long, the water in the lens evaporate and loses, and the contact lens will dry and may break with a little force.


 If the contact lens breaks directly inside the eye, remember for rubbing. At the beginning of wearing contact lenses or for too long, the lack of oxygen due to fatigue will make people unconsciously rub your eyes, which is very dangerous and easy, leading to lens fragmentation, and may scratch the cornea and cause infection.

 The edges of the contact lens are easy to break, mainly because the edges of the lens are thinner and tend to break during rubbing and cleaning. In addition, what you may ignore is that when the contact lenses are put into the double box, the solution is only two-thirds poured in, and to ensure that the lens is completely soaked in the solution. If the contact lens floats, it may crush the lens with the lid.

Finally, author should emphasize that the broken contact lenses must be replaced immediately and can not be worn again. If the lens is broken in the eye can not take out, we must go to the hospital in time.