Why do contact lenses crack easily?

Some friends feedback, specializing in the purchase of big brand contact lenses, the result did not wear a few times cracked a small mouth, questioned fakes and quality problems after the fruitless but was pointed out by the merchant may be operating problems. Poor quality contact lenses for the time being, the regular brand of contact lenses are still very easy to crack, why is this?


As you can see, contact lenses are very thin, and the thinnest can even reach 0.04mm. Such a thin contact lens is undoubtedly more comfortable to wear, after all, for the eye contact lenses are foreign bodies after all, the thinner the lens is, the closer to zero touch, and the thin lens oxygen is easier to pass, the eye will not feel stuffy and breathable, which is a great advantage, but it will also make the lens more fragile.

Contact lenses have a limited wearing time, because every day to repeat wearing, removing, rubbing and cleaning these steps, so it is easier to wear. And because of its own soft texture, a little force may leave scratches, cracks and so on. Daily contact with the lens tweezers, nails, double-box and other places may become one of the causes of lens breakage, so it is necessary to be particularly careful when operating.


Contact lenses have a very high water content and must be immersed in the treatment solution for the rest of the time except for the wearing period. If the dehydration time is too long for various reasons, the water evaporates, and the lens will be dry and deformed and broken when touched. Even if worn in the eyes, if the tears are not full enough, the lens directly broken in the eyes is more dangerous.

Finally, author to remind you, no matter what kind of defects or damage on the contact lens, can not be worn, light will cause discomfort, heavy will lead to eye disease, be sure to check carefully before wearing every day!