Why does wear contact lens eye pain unbearable?

While wearing contact lenses, you may experience a variety of eye complaints, with foreign body grinding and eye pain being common symptoms. Today, let's learn about the causes of eye pain.


In the normal wearing process, the contact lens will be coated with protein precipitation, if the lens cleaning is not thorough, care is not careful enough, do not clean the sediment, then these protein precipitation will gradually accumulate on the lens, it is easy to breed bacteria and cause eye infection, but also let people feel wear eyes, resulting in poor oxygen permeability of the lens, This also exacerbates the problem of hypoxia and dryness in the eye, which stimulates the production of more substances in the eye, which gradually becomes a vicious cycle.

Poor quality contact lenses are also a major cause of eye pain. If you wear inferior products, its technology and hygiene can not be guaranteed, for example, the lens polishing is not smooth enough, it will cause irritation to the cornea. What's more, contact lenses made of poor quality may be more likely to break and cause scratches, and such lenses are more likely to scratch your eyes when worn.


Wear contact lenses should avoid contact with water, so it is not recommended that you wear glasses when taking a bath, washing your face, swimming and soaking in hot springs, it is easy to cause keratitis. In addition, if the eyes are already inflamed or infected, it's even more important to avoid wearing contact lenses. Wearing contact lenses when the cornea is red and swollen can increase discomfort, and lenses can further irritate the cornea, potentially leading to more serious eye problems.

If you experience eye pain while wearing contact lenses, be sure to determine the cause carefully and stop wearing contact lenses immediately. If vision loss, congestion, photophobia and other problems occur at the same time, you must go to the hospital for examination.