Why eyes after putting on contact lens feel hot?

Comfort is an important metric for contact lenses.If often wear contact lens, sometimes can encounter a wear in the eye to feel tingling, hot eyes, even non-stop flow of tears, how is this caused, how should we deal with it?


If you have recently changed your contact lens solution, chances are that something in the solution is causing irritation.If what buy is hydrogen peroxide water to nurse fluid, must immerse enough time, wait until neutralize complete ability to take out lens, can burn cornea otherwise, cause harm to the eye.In general, we recommend the use of gentle single type of nursing fluid, can also achieve the effect of disinfection, and can avoid irritation.

After go to bed late, the eye always is full of red silk, this is the expression of eye strain congestive.When the eye is in a bad state, wearing contact lenses can cause a strong sense of friction or irritation.In use the eye excessive perhaps is not to have a good rest when, had better stop wearing contact lens a few days, let the eye have time to adjust and repair.

If the contact lens has been wearing well, a sudden use of pain and hot eyes, the general consideration is eye cell damage or inflammation.Contact lenses, such as fingers, gadgets and eyewear cases, can contaminate and infect the eyes if they come into contact lenses without being thoroughly disinfected.If the pain has not been relieved, or there is a trend of aggravation, must be timely to the eye hospital examination.

In order to avoid stinging, hot eyes and other conditions, wearing contact lenses must pay attention to personal hygiene, adjust life and rest, also can regularly pillow towel, towel and other articles boiled disinfection, to prevent bacterial infection.