Why is wearing contact lenses always blurry?

If you always feel blurry and unclear when wearing contact lenses, you must not ignore it. You need to find the cause and solve it in a targeted manner to avoid affecting your eye health.


Blurred vision when wearing contact lenses is usually caused by the inappropriate degree, especially when the distance and near vision change rapidly, the degree of mismatch is more likely to cause the problem of blurred vision. Once the degree is inappropriate, prolonged use of the eyes is more likely to aggravate eye fatigue, which may cause headaches and dizziness. In this case, it is recommended that you re-do an optometry to obtain a more accurate degree.

If the power of the left and right eyes is different, then it is also necessary to check whether the lenses are worn backwards. When saving the lenses, you should pay special attention to distinguishing the left and right, and the double box is usually marked with R and L to help distinguish the left and right, and the lenses must be placed correctly to avoid confusion.


When the wear time is too long and the cornea is severely hypoxic, the eyes will be dry and tired, and the secretion will increase in large quantities, which will also lead to blurred vision. When the eyes are very tired, the lens cannot play a good role in refraction adjustment. Therefore, everyone should pay attention to rationally arrange the wearing time and pay attention to eye hygiene.

Contact lenses should be carefully cleaned and cared for after each wearing. Immersion in the double box without changing the care solution for a long time will also cause safety hazards. Whether it is lipid, protein residue or any impurities adsorbed, it will eventually be deposited between the lens and the eyeball, affecting the visual effect. At this time, you need to remove the lenses and wash them thoroughly with a care solution before wearing them.