Why is wearing contact lenses blurry?

When wearing contact lenses, everyone may experience sudden blurred vision, foggy and other problems. So, what's going on here?


Too much precipitation on the contact lens will affect the transparency of the lens, making the field of vision blurred and unclear. Therefore, the work of lens care is very critical. Eye metabolites, secretions, dust impurities in the air, cosmetics, etc. will be absorbed by the lens and deposited inside the lens. If it is not carefully cleaned, it may also cause inflammation and infection.

If you wear glasses too much, wear them for too long, or if you are in a dry environment, it will aggravate eye fatigue and corneal hypoxia, resulting in dry eyes, blurred vision, fogging and other symptoms. Excessive eye fatigue will affect the ability of the eyeball to adjust. Everyone must pay attention to proper rest when wearing it.


If you are wearing contact lenses for the first time, the sudden appearance of a slight foreign body sensation or blurred vision may be a sign that your eyes have not yet adapted. In this case, you don't have to worry too much, and gradually increase the wearing time from one or two hours. Generally, many discomforts can be eliminated by themselves within three or four days.

Inflammation of the eyes or shedding of corneal cells can also cause blurred vision. In severe cases, symptoms such as eye pain, photophobia and tearing may occur, and contact lenses can no longer be worn. At this time, the lens must be removed immediately, and symptomatic treatment should be taken to a professional eye hospital as soon as possible, so as not to delay the disease.

When wearing contact lenses, optometry should be done in advance, the deposits on the lenses should be cleaned in time, good eye habits should be developed, more rest, less staying up late, less mobile phone use, and more vegetables and fruits rich in vitamin A and vitamin C.