Why people feel dry eyes when wearing contact lenses?

In the process of wearing contact lenses, the symptoms of dry eyes are more likely to occur. In most cases, dry eyes are only temporary, which is often caused by eye fatigue caused by excessive use of the eyes. However, sometimes dry eyes may not be a symptom but a disease, so it must not be ignored.


So, why is it easier to feel dry eyes after wearing contact lenses? Contact lenses cover the eyeballs, which will affect the cornea's absorption of oxygen from the atmosphere to a certain extent. If you buy unqualified contact lenses, or wear contact lenses for an extended period of time, your eyes will be edema, dry, and painful due to lack of oxygen, and will produce a strong foreign body sensation. Some wearers also experience excessive use of the eyes. There were uncomfortable symptoms of dry eyes and redness.


In order to improve the problem of dry eyes, the editor recommends reasonable control of the time of wearing contact lenses, and ensure that the continuous wearing does not exceed 8 hours. If necessary, artificial tears can be used appropriately to help maintain the moist environment of the eyes. However, the most fundamental way to protect your eyes is to develop good eye-use habits, use your eyes reasonably, pay attention to maintaining eye hygiene, and eat more foods rich in carotene.

In fact, it is normal to occasionally experience dry and sore eyes. Staying up late, overuse of eyes, dry environment, taking certain drugs and many other conditions will affect the function of tear secretion. However, if you have frequent discomforts such as dry eyes, accompanied by a strong foreign body sensation or aching sensation, you may be suffering from dry eye, and you must go to the eye hospital for examination and treatment in time.