Why wear contact lens to see a thing to be able to enlarge?

Many wearers will find that the use of contact lenses after the field of vision has a great change, look at everything has a magnified feeling. So, wearing contact lenses can really magnify the effect?

Glasses need to be put on the bridge of the nose, and there is a certain distance between the lens and the eyes. Under the action of concave lens, it is equivalent to shrink the object. Moreover, because of the limitation of the picture frame, so the field of vision is more limited. The larger the degree and the farther away the object is, the more obvious the reduction effect is.


The contact lens is directly covered on the cornea, and there is almost no distance for light to pass through. It can be said that it is relatively reductive to see things. Plus, there is no barrier of the frame, and the visual field is naturally larger. Especially for people who wear glasses for a long time, this magnifying feeling will be more prominent after suddenly changing contact lenses.


Therefore, the degree of contact lenses and glasses is not the same, can not be purchased at will, need to be converted through science. The most reasonable way is to let a professional optometrist according to the test results, combined with the usual habit of using the lens. However, if you are in the habit of checking your vision regularly and your vision is stable, you can also purchase contact lenses according to the form.

All in all, contact lenses provide a more realistic vision and are more convenient to wear. However, there are some caveats to wearing contact lenses. Before matching glasses, you should first accept a professional examination to determine that you are suitable for wearing contact lenses, and you should choose lenses according to the actual situation. You should also learn from professionals about correct cleaning, care and wearing operations to ensure eye health and safety.