contact eye lens

contact eye lens

Overall Summary

Realcon boasts a comprehensive technological process in contact lens production, with a team of 

professionals overseeing every stage from design and R&D to manufacturing and distribution. Our 

products are fully traceable, ensuring that every client and end-user receives a guaranteed quality product.

The introduction of every department is as follows:


Planning department

Operating directly under company leadership, the Planning Department is integral to product innovation. They are involved in every detail, from website construction and optical fair presentations to the labeling of each lens, embodying the creativity and vision of our planners.


The Design Department is the cornerstone of Realcon’s new product development. Seasonal release are meticulously refined by our designers, with each stage from digital design to prototype to final product undergoing extensive testing. As the company evolves, the department, in collaboration with the Planning Department, shifts towards designs that incorporate additional value-adding features.

contact eye lens


contact eye lens




Our Sales Department is the bridge between Realcon and our customers. Articulate and adaptable, they expand our international trade and provide seamless translation services, facilitating clear communication with our global clientele.





The Quality Department ensures the excellence of Realcon products. From R&D of new materials and meticulous inspection of raw materials to equipment evaluation and maintenance, every step is critical, and precision is paramount. Continuous process optimization is pursued to satisfy all standards.

contact eye lens




contact eye lens


The Production Department is at the heart of our operations. A single lens undergoes over ten different processes, including printing, molding, and lathe-cutting, to meet our stringent quality expectations. This department’s dedication, supported by our diligent frontline workers, is the backbone of our robust product supply.



Material control

Efficient logistics are vital for cost-saving in both finances and time. Our company has heavily invested in optimizing our warehousing and transportation systems. From order receipt to product delivery, we stream line the process to ensure customer satisfaction and peace of mind.

contact eye lens

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