contact eye lens

contact eye lens

Overall Summary

Our Realcon company possesses complete production technological process. 

Professionals is responsible from designing and research & development to production and delivery. 

Every contact eye lens is traceable, and every customer and consumer could enjoy guarantee.

The introduction of every department is as follows:

Planning department

Realcon's planning and designing department both belong to the head of the company. Besides perfecting all kinds of new products, from the building of a variety of company website and optics fair to the data and label of every lens, it contains the designing and idea of planning personnel. 


Realcon’s designing department is the guarantee of developing new products. The newly introduced products in every season is repeatedly revised by the designing staffs. From the electronic file and sample to the finished lens, every procedure undergoes multiple experiments. Along with the development of the company, designing department together with planning department, from the pure lens design, it starts to turn to integration with more additional value effect. 

contact eye lens

contact eye lens


Realcon’s sales department is a hand connecting company with customer. Versatile and eloquent, while expanding foreign trade business, they play the role of translation. Even if the customer is from all over the world, Realcon’s sales could still establish mutual communication and make the communication barrier-free. 


Quality department is the quality guarantee of Realcon company. Research & development and experiment of new material, sifting and inspection of raw material, evaluation and maintenance of all kinds of equipment, no mistakes are allowed in every link. In addition, we need study and optimize the production process in order to meet all required standards.

contact eye lens

contact eye lens


Realcon's production department is the priority among priorities. In fact, a small lens needs printing, molding, lathe-cutting, etc. , more than 10 procedures to complete production. Every process is strictly performed in order to meet the high-quality standards. Our strong product supply is with the aid of the workers who are in the forefront of production. 

Material control

Strong logistics delivery could save all kinds of item costs such as money and time. Hence, our company has put great efforts into warehouse and transport. From receiving orders to deliver products, we simplify the process and make you at ease. 

contact eye lens

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