Buy contact lenses need to pay attention to?

Contact lenses have a certain particularity, so when buying should also understand some basic matters needing attention. On the choice, had better buy the big brand product with good quality, high reputation, quality is more guaranteed, after-sales service is more reliable also. And whether through the online or offline purchase of contact lenses, should look for the relevant licensing qualifications, through the formal channels to buy qualified products.

If new wearers want to be fitted with a pair of contact lenses, they must go to a professional eye hospital for a detailed examination, consult the ophthalmologist whether it is suitable to wear contact lenses, and follow the doctor's advice to learn the standard use method. Afterwards, in the process of wearing, Xiaobian also suggests that you check again regularly, so as to grasp the eye situation in time.


At present, the contact lenses on the market are mainly divided into hydrogels and silicon hydrogels two materials. Hydrogel lens has strong hydrophilicity and high softness, so it is easy to adapt to the first wear. However, due to the limitation of material, the higher the water content, the easier it is to lose water. And the silicon hydrogel contact lens added silicon molecules, oxygen permeability greatly improved, but has a certain hardness, wear easy to produce foreign body sensation, and the surface is easy to accumulate sediment, need to pay attention to clean care.


So, how to choose the cast type? Half a year toss, year toss forming degree is good, easy to wear success, for the first to wear more friendly, but also because of the high cost performance, loved by students. When purchasing contact lenses that can be discarded every six months or every year, it is necessary to do a good job of daily cleaning and care to avoid the influence of sediment residue on wearing experience. In addition to the daily throw, biweekly throw, month throw, etc., belong to the short cycle lens, the price is relatively expensive, but in the convenience, health and safety are better.

Each person's eye conditions and needs vary, find appropriate own lenses also need to do many work, hope this article can bring help for everyone to buy contact lenses!